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Thursday, September 4, 2014

Review: "Soulless" (Death Warden #1) by Amber Garr


When it comes to death and love…only one is guaranteed.

Four decades ago Nora died. A tragic event for someone so young; however, four decades ago Nora was also given a second chance to walk among the living.

A Death Warden with a mysterious past, her job is to escort the newly expired towards the light, battling with the Soul Hunters who want the freshly dead to help with their own evil purposes buried in the dark.

When Nora’s charges suddenly become targets, she realizes that the hunters are after far more than just souls. A shift in power between good and evil threatens to change everything, risking the lives of the only family Nora has ever known.

Devastated and angry, she’s forced to face the man she once loved - a man who chose darkness over her - in order to find the answers she needs to stop the horror from escalating. Yet, while a lost relationship still haunts her broken heart, a new Warden with secrets of his own will enter the mix and quickly alter everything Nora believed to be true.

Death is unavoidable…but sometimes, so is love.
*(summary courtesy of Goodreads)

My Review:

I have no idea what it is about the afterlife that interests me: perhaps the idea of the unknown? Although I'm not that interested in finding out anytime soon lol. But seriously, I am liking the twist Ms Garr puts on her idea of the afterlife...it makes for a very interesting plot.
I just loved the so called "competition" between the Hunters and Wardens for souls. But not as much as Nora, our heroine, and Theron, the maybe antagonist, being on opposing sides! Especially with the two being former lovers; where else can you get drama this juicy? As I was saying, the rivalry almost seems better; at least you can decide to enter Heaven or Hell rather than the choice being taken from you (that's never fun).

The characters were alright: not extraordinary, but not horrible either. Charles was my favorite, though. He has the perfect timing for humor. Nora was a bit annoying when it came to Theron. I mean, he's the bad guy for the moment, so why are you meeting with him secretly? I get that she was with Theron for twenty-plus years, but your with Jason now, so stop stringing him along. Then again, I might do the same thing if I were in her shoes. Jason was adorable from the very first time he spoke with his southern twang. He and Nora are ridiculously cute!
My biggest complaint would be the length of this book: it's way too short. I wanted to see more of the plot and its development. It felt a bit too rushed for my liking. Also, I wanted more character development and romance build up. Other than that, it was a good paranormal read.

180 pages
Published August 23rd 2014 by Hallowed Ink Press

Rating:  🔔🔔🔔

Recommend?         Not bad. Worth a read

(ARC courtesy of Net Galley and Hallowed Ink Press)


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