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Review Policy

I accept requests from my readers, as well as books from authors and publishers. All reviews will be through this blog and/or Goodreads. I am also willing to host author/book promotions.

Besides book reviews, I also post about television shows that happen to be book related.  Occasionally I will feature a 'spotlight' or interview with an author. My reviews consist of:

Synopsis: (about the book),
My Review: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly,
Recommend?: (if I recommend the book to anyone).

I rate from 1 to 5 Bells...to keep with the theme LOL.

Rating Scale

1 Bell = Could Not Finish/ wouldn't recommend,
2 Bells = Did Not Like,
3 Bells  = Okay/ Average,
4 Bells  = Pretty Good. I Liked It,
5 Bells = Amazing! I Loved it.

I take requests on all kinds of fiction.  All books reviewed were bought or advanced reader copies from authors/publishers.

I will only give honest reviews.

Love you and love your show!
                                                                                 XOXO Randi



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