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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Review: "Children of the Morning" by Shanna Lauffey


The Time Shifters are in danger. Someone wants what they have and are willing to kill if necessary to get it.

Akalya couldn’t hide in the past forever. The time has come to untangle the threads of a conspiracy so sinister that her very life hangs in the balance, as well as the lives of all of her kind.

Compelled by her promise to help Marcus, the half-breed, to learn to control his abilities, Akalya is conflicted by the need to go underground to elude the rich entrepreneur who continues to seek out others of her kind that even Akalya doesn’t know about, and the mysterious researcher working behind the scenes who already came too close to dissecting her best friend.

Akalya cannot leave, but she cannot stay. Most of all she must see that no more of her kind breed mutants like Marcus, who could become a danger to them all.

*(summary courtesy of Goodreads)

My Review:
Thankfully this book was longer than its predecessor, so we get to see more of the characters and story. The writing is pretty good as well, however I wish there was more dialogue between the characters.
The story progresses very nicely, and we get to see more of the antagonists and their true intentions. I was glad to see more of Marcus and learn a little more about him. The introduction of new characters was well done, and kind of cool. I envy Akalya's ability to time travel.
Speaking of which, the further explanation of this story's time travel is becoming intriguing; I'm looking forward to learning more. The story is seriously demonstrating how people would condemn and defile those who have abilities. On another note, this novella series reminds me of The Tomorrow People and Jumper.
Published July 20th 2014

Rating: 🔔🔔🔔🔔
Recommend?  Yeah, it's a good series


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