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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Review: "The Fire Wish" (The Jinni Wars #1) by Amber Lough

A jinni. A princess. And the wish that changes everything. . . .

Najwa is a jinni, training to be a spy in the war against the humans. Zayele is a human on her way to marry a prince of Baghdad—which she’ll do anything to avoid. So she captures Najwa and makes a wish. With a rush of smoke and fire, they fall apart and re-form—as each other. A jinni and a human, trading lives. Both girls must play their parts among enemies who would kill them if the deception were ever discovered—enemies including the young men Najwa and Zayele are just discovering they might love.
*(summary courtesy of Goodreads)

My Review:
When I first heard of this book, I thought it would be amazing!  I mean, how often do you get to read about jinn?  It's so Aladdin; so chic.  When actually reading the book made my excitement die down a bit. 
It's the first in the series, and an okay read.  I really like the setting in today's Middle East; you don't see much of it in the book because the characters aren't roaming the lands, but what you do read is very descriptive.  The pacing dragged here and there, and led me to skim pages in certain parts sometimes.  There was this Freaky Friday swap-thing that was a little unexpected, not necessarily bad however. 
The Najwa storyline was probably my favorite though.  The dynamic between her and the prince was what I was most eager to read.  It's a little sad in certain parts, and left me shaking my head on how often humans let power and greed corrupt them.  Not bad, but it could've been better.
320 pages
Published July 22nd 2014 by Random House Children's

Rating:  🔔🔔🔔
Recommend?   If you like your nights Arabian, it's worth a read (see what I
                         did there?)


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